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Man And Food 

We are a group of middle aged women who are sick of trying out all the recipes from the diet books and wanted to have somewhere to put our favorite "lose fat" recipes. We are also very busy and don't have time to always cook, so expect a review of pre-made foods here too!

Carbs or Not?

We'll help you decide what your body needs in regards to the carbs.   



Life motivational quotes and ways to help you become your best..

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We'll teach you all the ways we lost weight and are losing weight with low carb living WITHOUT leaving home. 

Looking For Fabulous Ideas for the Ketosis Diet?



We refuse to give you anything but Awesome Reviews and Articles.

Welcome to Manna Foods!  We take great pride in the services that we offer and plan to be giving you the best options when it comes to protein rich food recipes in the very near future!  Our vision is to document our success as weight loss winners using the Ketosis Method.


We've left no stone unturned.   We love chocolate and treats as much as you and why do you need to go without?  You don't.  Let us guide you through the low carb, sugar free world.  We'll let you know when we find cardboard or delectable deliciousness.

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