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Weve tried everything, including those mlm diet fads.  From Beachbody protein shakes to trying to make money from the Kyani Comp Plan by eating a bunch of Alaskan Blueberries and Salmon with their Kyani suppliement. 

What did we find?

We found that nothing beats a hard nosed approach and REAL natural food.

WE've tried the prepared foods and the protein shakes and they just didn't mesh with our mid life, former baby bearing bodies.

WE found that controlling our carb intake (in particular the sugary foods we love)  we are better able to lose weight faster than any other times in our lives 

Stay tuned for our before and after photos!


Man And Food 

Looking for a Salty Snack?

This dish is simple, super fast and is a good mix from the humdrum of dieting.

Whether or not you like spinach, this dish is worth a try.

It's simple. A handful of spinach (a lot because it shrinks a lot), a tablespoon of olive oil, about 1.5 pieces of broken up bacon and 2 TBSP of crumbled blue cheese.

Saute the spinach and add the rest. Blue cheese is last and you can choose to mix it and melt it in or allow it to melt on top!